Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When we decided to cash in on our passion...

Guild Description:
This is a guild for those of us who have "real careers" lol. For example, I am a counselor/behavior mod. consultant with an MA...7 years of university and here I am making jewelry. (I am currently a SAHM while the midgets are young-ish and still like having me around :) ---- There are so many other examples too of people who have "Real Jobs" ~ nurses, hair stylists, homemakers, mechanics, teachers, lawyers, waitresses, etc.... the list goes on and on of people I have met that either SURVIVE their day jobs by submersing themselves in their art after hours, or that have actually QUIT their jobs and have taken the plunge into full time artisanship... (is that a word? Spell check let it slip so I am good with it :)

This guild would be open to all ArtFire members, everywhere - you just would only be required to 1) state what your "other job" is publicly :) ; 2) be positive - negative or hurtful interactions would *not be tolerated* (for real, no nastiness - everyone needs to feel safe here) and 3) be active... there will be a pruning process as time goes on for non-active members.

I will post weekly a thread with time management ideas, career balancing, etc. And would LOVE suggestions for ideas you would like focused on. I would also love to have special guest topic writers... if our guild grows I will dedicate my blog to it and we can have special guest blog writers as well... I look forward to growing this guild as a support network for artists not only balancing a million plates in the air - but making them beautiful as they spin :)

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