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The Start Of Bliss Following...

How did you begin creating in your chosen art(s) / crafts(s)? Indie artists share their genesis…

     I started in Jr High... does anyone remember making the braided embroidery floss friendship bracelets? I loved making them.... my friends wanted them, and I couldnt afford to keep buying the floss so they would pay me for them! From there it went on to vintage clothes. The movie "Pretty in Pink" made me never want to buy clothes off of a mannequin again LOL .... fast forward 15 years after college, grad school & a baby... My dad died suddenly and as sort of a way to occupy myself I made bracelets and sold them to give the money to the the Heart Association... I have never stopped in the last 11 years! My self-sustaining hobby I guess you could say :) 
Jenn Kos of:

***I started sewing as a young child because mom and dad could not afford to keep my doll babies in clothes so I learned to make them. I have branched off from there. My next big love was crazy quilting after I saw a beautiful one at the quilt museum in Lowell Massachusetts. I worked with beads on my CQ pieces then somehow got hooked into making some bead weaved jewelry because I took a class with my daughter so she could find something that interested her. My next thing I would like to learn is bobbin lace because I saw a woman in AZ making comtemporary wall hangings and jewelry and said I need to learn this! I love to learn new things. Can you tell?

*** I was at work and someone that worked there brought in a handmade handbag tote.  I looked it over inside and out and said wow I could do that.  I went home cleared out a room and went to work and that week made 50 or so and the following week I quit my job.  That was over 10 years ago and I have sold THOUSANDS since.  I have 3 online stores plus have things in other stores and I do a Saturday market when I have the time. 
I just love working with fabrics as each and every bag I make is different.  So you don't get bored. 
I love what I do!
Designs by Keri 4 U

*** Well, there's more than one answer, since I create in different categories - fine art, quilting, and a marriage of the two: fiber art. I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until college that I really focused on developing those skills. (And, I'll admit, working in the world of abstract art isn't everyone's cup of tea!) 

As for quilting, I came about it the old fashioned way - I had my daughter, and wanted to make her a quilt. (I guess you could say quilting found me.) Over a dozen years, and several dozen quilted projects later, here I am. There are so many angles to quilting, from design to completion, I never get bored with it. 

Recently, I've decided to focus on what I call "practical art pieces", which is a combination of both fine art and quilting/sewing, such as OOAK quilted bags, etc.. I've found it an inspirational way to combine my enjoyment of painting and working with needle and thread.

 *** I have been crafting all of my life as I have always watched my mother doing crafts. I became interested in jewelry about 2 years ago when I came across some gemstone beads and thought of different ways to put them together. I love to do so many different types of crafts (machine embroidery, leatherworking, jewelry, scrapbooking, etc.) and am constantly switching what I am doing at the time since I do not have the space to do more that one thing at a time.

*** All i wanted was my own set of goddess prayer beads. Now  I have a roomful of beads :-)

*** My love of crafts came from my mother who is quite a seamstress and is a crochet and knitting teacher. My favorite crafts did not follow her strengths though. 
    I got into jewelry I think because I love making things for other people. One of my younger sisters is my best customer! I do paintings and photography for therapy I think more than anything. I am most at peace behind the lens of a camera.
I love polymer clay because it challenges me. Most crafts have come relatively easy for me. Polymer clay is by far the most difficult medium I've ever personally worked with but it's worth the outcome when you get it right.

*** I got started when i was seven im 14 now. I was inspired by my friend erin. I went to her house and she was making jewelry so i joined in and i thought it was so much fun. I went home and saved my pennies and i bought what i thought was a ton of beads lol, and i started making stuff (well very primitive stuff) my work has greatly improved since then and im now here 
blue green and pink

*** I went through a short-lived jewelry making phase when I was a teenager, but once that phase was over, I moved on to something else.  Fast forward almost forty years.... 

About five years ago, I I kept noticing the beautiful jewelry that one of my co-workers always wore.  I complimented her on her pieces and she told me that she made all her jewelry herself.  I couldn't believe it, the jewelry was so nice.  I was very intrigued.  I told her that I would like to learn how to make my own jewelry.  Fortunately for me, she was very willing to help get me started.  She helped me order all the tools I would need and I also ordered some beads and findings.

Once everything arrived, she gave me a few quick lessons, and I was on my way.  For the first couple of months, everytime I made something new, I would bring it to work to show her.  It wasn't long before my skills and craftsmanship matched her's and shortly thereafter surpassed her's.  She would tell me that if she didn't know any better, she would think that I had been making jewelry for years.

Once I started wearing my pieces, other friends admired them and told me that I should start making jewelry to sell.  Needless to say, they were some of my first customers.  A star was born.:)

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

*** I started to crochet when I was a teenager. My teenage daughter was into art and craft, so I decided to teach her how to crochet. She seem to enjoy working on different projects. I enjoy making blankets and other big projects. My daughter loves fashion and jewelry, so she decided to crochet jewelry and hats. We both decided to turn our passion for crochet into a family business".

About us
Founded in June of 2009, Mother and Daughter work hand in hand producing high quality fashion, using just a needle and yarn.
Mother, Cheryl started crocheting in her teenage years. Daughter, Rayann following her foot steps was very interested in arts and crafts at a young age as well. As the two journeyed along with a strong passion for art, there was a strong desire for a "family business". Crafting ideas were being discussed as well as a website, but the company name had not been sought out just yet. In June of 2009 mother and daughter sat down together and established what is now known as Youngs Crochet and Fashion, better known for the acronym YCAF. As the founders of Youngs Crochet and Fashion the two wish to not only satisfy their customers with just crochet items but fashion as well.

***Like many other artists, I love to express myself in various media! Creativity, arts and crafts have been a part of my life for so long that I don't know if I can put my finger on exactly what it was that got me started on this. I think the credit goes to my parents, who were extremely creative, and also encouraged the kids. My Dad made all my clothes until I learned to sew in my preteens and started to do it myself. I learned to hand sew and embroider from my Mom. Music, painting and drawing were an integral part of my childhood, and my main focus throughout my teen years. In college, it was tatting and embroidery. Later on, scrapbooking and paper crafts became more important, as I started taking pictures of the babies. I always liked jewelry, but I only started making it in the last few years. I started making spa products, so that I could have all natural, gentle products for my family and friends. I love every single craft I tried so far!! Who knows what other joys the future will bring!

So there you have it... just a few of the many stories about what draws us into our diverse passions for creating. 

What got YOU started?

Jenn Kos of:


  1. Wow, what lovely stories!! It is such a pleasure meeting all of you, talented artists! Thanks for bringing all of this together, Jenn!

  2. It was so much fun hearing from everyone! Glad you stopped by Lata! Happy Day ~ Jenn

  3. Great stories, great job Jenn.

  4. My friend in high school was putting pony beads on her shoelaces. I started buying bugle and seed beads, and it was all over


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